Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Decorating 2012

I loooooooove Halloween! It is one of my most favorite holidays and I love to decorate for it!
I have 2 shelves in my living room above our TV, the top one is used for books and right now is displaying a few chalkboards. And the bottom one I use as a mantle. It's been fun to switch things out on this shelf through out the year. Here it is all decked out for Halloween!
My husband and I are doing the Halloween countdown from Kiki & Company, you can see it there on the right. It is so much fun and each day we open a window and do a fun Halloween activity. We are loving it! The countdown can be downloaded for free from the link above. She has also created a kit you can purchase to go along with it, also at the link above. The kit includes lots of printables and this is where the EEK banner came from.
Here are a few more shots as the sun was going down:
It looks very pretty at night all light up, not that you could tell from the photo, but it is very pretty in real life!
I really love the two glitter pumpkins I found at Walmart for cheep. I made the chalkboard with Oct. 31 on it along with the other 3 on the shelf above. It's All About the Candy block came from a local decor shop. The tall BOO jar with the candle in it and the squaty one below that is empty I got our first Halloween we were married.
The black metal pumpkin was cut out of this shot but you can see it in the full view above. I found it last year at Tai Pan. The pretty green spider was made by my mom along with the purple one sitting on top of the Candy block on the other side but it's a little hard to see in the photos. And I made the spider web frame to hold Along Came A Spider from last year.
To the right of my TV is a small spot I like to decorate. Right now I've got my grapevine pumpkin all light up and inside the big frame, if you can't tell from the photo says Keep Calm and Scare On. I really do need to fill that little squaty jar, I was thinking green gum balls or something.
Day 8 of the countdown we had to find old Halloween pictures and display them. This is from 3 years ago, the first Halloween we were married. Danny was Rambo and I was some army girl. I surprised him and brought home a Nerf gun for his costume. He loved it!
Day 9 was to make a wall of bats. This is what I have so far, I really should cut out some more, but I kind of like it the way it is and it's still fun and festive.
On the opposite side of the room is this cute Trick or Treat banner which also came from Kiki & Company as well as the "Have Yourself a Spooky Little Halloween" print on the mantle. These are from her Halloween Pack she created last year. I did have a framed collage of my engagement photos I made there where the banner is but it fell down months ago and I have been too lazy to rehang it. I love the banner and it looks perfect here above the couch.
Beside the front door I have a spot to hold keys and this year I finally decided to decorate it for Halloween. Day 11 was to have a Halloween coloring contest, this is Danny's which I deemed the winner and put it in a frame to congratulate him. Day 10 was pick out your perfect pumpkin day so I've displayed them up here too. I totally can't wait to carve that little peanut shaped pumpkin!
And the last decoration I have to show you is my spooky BOO wreath I made last year. It is hanging on the door leading to the hall/bedroom. It's just too cute to put outside where no one will see it. It makes me smile every time I walk through there!
So far that's all my Halloween decorations! I love everything about Halloween and this year has been so much fun! I can't wait for tonight, it's a Blindfolded candy eating contest. Should be yummy!

What are you doing to celebrate Halloween? I would love to hear about your traditions.

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