Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving Announcements

I was so excited about these!! I just couldn't wait to share them.... but I had to at least wait until after they were sent out.
So... We moved!
And the most fun part about the move is that I got to make announcements!
I got my inspiration from Vandella Design.
I love Diana, she is beautiful and amazing! And she creates such wonderful projects!
~please spend some time browsing her site, you will be glad you did~
The quatrefoil background I got as a FREE stencil from HERE.
I have been dying to make a little envelope like this for something so this was my perfect chance! Aren't they just so dang cute?
Then I just taped the label on to close it up!
These were so much fun to make!
I created the whole thing on the computer and printed them off on white card stock so they would be stronger than regular paper. Then I cut them out!
The label is printed on regular paper, there was no need for card stock there because it was just being taped to the front.
After I had one envelope made and the announcement in it I realized it needed something else, there was just too much white. So I grabbed black card stock and glued them to that. This made them look so much better, also they stood out from the envelope that way.
All done and ready to ship out!!
This was such a fun project for me, I can't wait to make something else like this.
Don't you just love to send and receive things in the mail? I just love it!
Now, I'll leave you with a shot of my darling little boy!
Happy Wednesday!