Monday, September 27, 2010

The blog!

If you haven't noticed, I redid the entire blog this past week! I love the new background and I've cleaned up and made all my links so much easier to find. I love to keep things categorized and alphabetized! This was mostly for me, if I happen to be away from my computer I can still find and read all the blogs and sites that I follow. Hopefully these are helpful for anyone that happens to follow my silly little blog......
If you have any good ones you like that I don't have let me know, I don't think you can ever follow too many!
I love these and get so much inspiration from everyone!
Happy blogging!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our deck

Okay, so we moved and things have been really crazy! It's been a long time sense I have been able to do anything really creative....
I just want to share my new favorite space with you: the deck
It's a lot of fun having a deck, the puppies love to lay out and keep an eye on everything.
And I like to sit out here and relax and read or eat cereal or whatever....
Well, that's all folks....
Hopefully I will have something else to blog about soon!
See ya