Thursday, May 17, 2012

FFA Challenge #2

Okay, so for the 2nd FFA Challenge over at Vintage Revivals there is a cool little style quiz at HomeGoods.

Style Quiz Header

I took the quiz and here are my results:


You have a refined sensibility with an appreciation for history and tradition in your furniture and your rooms. You value beauty and craftsmanship. You are visually sensitive and understand how symmetry and a balanced layout give order to a room. But you definitely like to shake things up with some unabashed luxury and glamour to keep things from getting boring. You go for rich materials like velvets, one-of-a-kind objects, lady-like touches, glimmering accessories, and a sense of old-Hollywood romance that makes your home dramatic and elegant.
You value order. You feel happiest if your home is well organized. You understand that when your house is in order, your mind feels clearer. Rather than a lot of meaningless objects or overly-designed items, you are happier with a few well-placed things. Your home is your respite from a busy life. Try to avoid letting things into your home that you don't really love.
Your Happy Home Colors

Putting Color to Use!
Don't forget that color looks best when paired with some neutrals for a little visual relief. If you go wild on the walls or with your upholstery, pull back a little on the rugs or curtains or vice versa. Each room can definitely have its own color palette, but think of your home as a whole, with each room transitioning to the next. Some tricks: go for fairly neutral hues in hallways, or add some colors from one room into the neighboring room, even in the form of accessories or fabrics.

Putting Your Style to Work!
With your style and needs in mind, here are a few tips that will help you make your home a little happier.
1. Your Design Challenge: MAXIMIZEDesign is all about tricks, and with small spaces, the game is to literally trick the eye. Mirrors obviously expand a sense of space, and if possible, place them across from windows so they pick up the light and the outdoors. Leggy furniture gives the illusion of more space, as you can see under it. And, a mix of upholstered and non-upholstered pieces also makes a room feel less dense. Also, consider multi-tasking furniture, like a dining table pushed against the wall—it can be a desk by day and gets pulled out for dinner parties. Or a bedside table big enough to accommodate a chair and function as a desk.
2. Your Happy PlaceThink of your outdoor space, no matter how small, as rooms, and create distinct areas. A pair of chaises flanking a little side table makes a living room. A lantern hanging from a tree or pergola over a table and chairs makes a dining room. A cluster of potted plants on a patio can create a cozy nook, and a single urn or bench placed at the far end can draw your eye, making a space seem longer. Big lanterns with candles sitting on the ground create a sense of space and give beautiful light. Try out new ideas before you start shopping by taking a photo of your area and laying some tracing paper over the print to draw whatever you're planning first.
3. Be Party-Ready All the Time!Scent: The first thing you notice about a home is how it smells. Use naturally fragrant cleaning products. If you find a scented candle or fresh potpourri you love, stock up on it. Any scent you like, whether perfume or linen spray, can be used on upholstery, bedding or just spritzed into the air.

Mood: Nice, flattering light makes us feel good. So nix the harsh, direct light from overhead fixtures in favor of the softer glow from floor and table lamps. Also, stock up on some votive candles and a couple of hurricane lanterns for setting around the room.

Food: Devote space in your pantry or on a shelf for go-to party essentials: crackers, dip, chips, nuts—whatever you like to serve. Keep on hand a collection of attractive bowls and cocktail napkins, and you'll be able to set a spread—instantly!

Drink: The simplest and chicest thing is to have a drinks tray or table always set up. Include a mix of pretty glasses, an ice bucket, a lovely pitcher, and bottles of soda and water. When the bell rings, just add ice and limes.

Take the quiz for yourself HERE!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super Cool Site!

Are you wanting to paint a room in your house or even the outside of your house but can't decide on the color? Take this site for a test drive:

I was in reader one day looking through my unread blog posts and came across a post about ColorClix. I wish I could remember who posted it so I could link you to her site but I can't remember.
She was trying to chose paint colors for her daughters room and used this tool to help her. Of course I wanted to try it so I uploaded a photo and in about 5 minutes had awesome new paint on the walls.

The before is a photo I took of our old place.

Wow! I know those colors aren't for everyone and I probably wouldn't seriously do that exactly but man, I wish I could have painted that place! I do really love that GREEN!

And here is a house I found on the MLS that is for sale. I think they needed a little color to all that grey.

I think I prefer this house green.
Anyway.... I had fun playing on this site and just thought you might too. LATER GATOR!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FFA Challenge #1

I decided to join a club! FFA over at Vintage Revivals.
Catch A Dream
Today you get to write about YOUR personality traits. What are some of your favorite things about yourself?
And decide how you want your home to feel.

I think my favorite trait about myself is that I am a happy person and always positive. That is how I want my home to feel; happy, cheerful and welcome to anyone. I want to feel a positive energy when you walk through the door but calming and peaceful as well. I am unique and not afraid to be daring which is reflected in the way I dress and the fact that my hair style/color changes with the seasons.
I wish I had the same confidence when I decorate my home because I do not want my home decor to look safe and boring I want to take risks and be daring. I am so ready to get away from the safe dull colors I am surrounded by now. I love bright bold patterns and colors but you wouldn't know it by walking into my home and it's starting to drive me nuts! I live in an apartment which can be very restricting when it comes to decorating, I can't even put a hole in the wall to hang a photo. This place also has about zero storage; so that has been a hard battle to fight. I hope these challenges can be a catalyst in helping me break free from the decorating rut I am in.
This challenge already was awesome in helping me work through my foggy brain to find out what I really want!
I hope this blog can be a resource for other apartment dwellers just like me wishing they had their very own walls to splatter paint at. But alas; the walls will stay forever cream...... and it's not the end of the world, there are plenty of other things I can do to make this place awesomely mine! I hope you stay with me for the journey.