Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I recently found this post that I thought I published a long time ago... Here is a tour of our first home right before we moved out.

If you don't know this about me already, I'm a little OCD and I tend to go overboard for absolutely no reason and do things that normal people just would never care to do.... Case and Point: here is the floor plan to our home.
I don't know anyone else that would spend all night sketching this just because I thought it would be fun and I thought I needed it.....
PS: I am in no way an artist or a good drawer at all, so please, don't judge me :)
I forgot to get a photo of the front, so I cheated....
Okay so, let me take you on a tour of our first home!
Welcome! This is our home!
We live on the bottom level of this lovely 4 plex and that open garage door happens to be ours. One great thing about this place is all the parking, there is this driveway and the carport between the house and the garage.
So now that you found a place to park your car.... Let's go through the front door
It took us about 15 months to get this place looking like a home.
It was a lot of fun, we gathered things little by little and eventually we were able to make this feel like our home.
Don't just stand there, take a seat.
We didn't have a couch starting out, we had one piece of furniture,
It was awesome! But there came a time when we decided we needed a little bit more :)
We spend a lot of time hanging out here chatting, reading and watching TV.
Take a few steps to the right and visit our kitchen.
Check out all that counter space and all those beautiful cabinets.
Just sit down here, in our dining room, while I make you something:
Don't mind Kokua, she will move for you....
Wait a minute while I whip up some cookies for you in my most favorite spot in the house.
Now that your tummy is satisfied it's time to see the rest of the place....
let's go
you will find this
This door stays shut unless we are hunting for something in there :)
This is our Bedroom!
Nice and cozy and those curtains.... just what I needed to block out that sunlight, lots of peaceful sleeps thanks to those.
As you can see, Kokua loves to follow me around...
 And the bathroom.... many hours spent in here getting beautified. This is also the spot where my girls and I got ready the morning of my wedding. Such special memories!
This place has been so much fun! It was way more space then we needed but it was an answer to our prayers and the perfect place to live our first year together!
Now lets go back out and
Here is our extra Bathroom
It's decorated and there is even soap and shampoo but we have never used that shower :)
And last of all.... the puppies room!
Kapone is my "King of Fuzz" and I just can't keep up with him. I don't know where he get's it all, I swear it appears out of thin air!
And here we are back at the front door.
Thank you for visiting!!! I'm so glad you stopped by!
Come back and see us anytime at our NEW place!

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