Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Spiderweb Frame: a Tutorial

Yesterday I showed you my Halloween decorations and today I'm going to show you how I created the Spider Web Frame.
When I pulled out my Halloween decorations from last year I decided I didn't like the frame I had my Along Came a Spider print in. So I found a plain one I had in my craft supplies at home and transformed it.
It's a pretty color but I needed a BLACK frame to match my Halloween decorations. So it got a fresh coat of paint with black craft paint. (The before is the back because I forgot to take a picture of the front pre-paint.)
Then I put the print inside the frame so I could continue the spider web from it onto my frame. I just used a pencil and a ruler to extend the web lines and free handed the curved lines.
The pencil web matches up really nicely. I glittered the frame in sections. Using regular Elmer's Glue I traced the pencil web, then over a sheet of scrap paper I dumped white glitter on to of the glue. I let it dry for a second then pressed it lightly into the glue to adhere better. After letting it dry for about 15-20 minutes (I glittered on commercial breaks) I tapped off the excess glitter onto the paper then used the paper as a funnel to pour the glitter back into the container. Repeat for all 4 corners of the frame and it was done!
This was a quick project,  it took about 30-45 minutes while I watched TV.
When I added the glue and the glitter it made my web fatter so I really should fix it so it looks a bit better because some of the lines that went off the frame looked good in pencil but don't look as good with the glitter.

This was a fun and easy project and I think it makes my mantle look so much more Halloweenie!
Next I'll show you how I made my wreath!
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