Monday, September 10, 2012

FFA Challenge #3

The Evolution of a Room: Part 1

FFA Challenge #3: Pick a Room, Any Room
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Today's challenge is to pick a room that you want to focus on.  If you are nervous about it to the point that you don’t think you can go through it then pick a room that not everyone will see all the time.  But don’t be scared!
In challenge #1 you defined what you want your house to FEEL like.
In challenge #2 you defined your style more in depth, and today we are going to start doing stuff!!

Okay so the room I chose for this challenge is my bedroom! I really wanted to tackle my living room but sense that room and the dining area and the kitchen are all pretty much the same room I thought that would be a little too much for me to handle all at once. SO the bedroom it is!!

Here are the BEFORE photos and I hope to have some great AFTERS or at least some DURINGS pretty soon!!

Welcome to my boring bedroom:

Now here are some shots going around the room.
A few problems we have is that we live in a 1 bedroom apartment with absolutely no storage, we can't put any holes in the walls for decorations and the dogs kennels have to be in our bedroom.
I really love how these pictures make this room look so big! It's awesome; it doesn't feel as big as it looks in person; if that made any sense.
Well that's what I've got so far; check back for updates as the room evolves!

And because I love her; here is a picture of me and my girl Kokua:

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