Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Super Cool Site!

Are you wanting to paint a room in your house or even the outside of your house but can't decide on the color? Take this site for a test drive:

I was in reader one day looking through my unread blog posts and came across a post about ColorClix. I wish I could remember who posted it so I could link you to her site but I can't remember.
She was trying to chose paint colors for her daughters room and used this tool to help her. Of course I wanted to try it so I uploaded a photo and in about 5 minutes had awesome new paint on the walls.

The before is a photo I took of our old place.

Wow! I know those colors aren't for everyone and I probably wouldn't seriously do that exactly but man, I wish I could have painted that place! I do really love that GREEN!

And here is a house I found on the MLS that is for sale. I think they needed a little color to all that grey.

I think I prefer this house green.
Anyway.... I had fun playing on this site and just thought you might too. LATER GATOR!

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