Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Halloween! I'm back and I wanted to share some of the fun I had this weekend. I carved a few pumpkins, it was so much fun! This is one of my favorite parts of Halloween!
This is the Mummy:
And this is the Monster:
I also filled my jars!
The BOO! is a little hard to see on this one, but it's there!
They look so great full of candy!!
For the party I had to make a desert. I found this great website called Picky Palate ( and there was a fun recipe I wanted to try for Cookie Pies (
Basically you make your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe:
Then cut out small circles from a pie crust:
I used a Pillsbury crust and cut out the circles with this perfectly sized lid!
Then scoop on the cookie dough:
Bake, and enjoy right out of the oven:
They turned out great! It was fun to try a new recipe. I would recommend if you have some time to browse this great site! There are tons of recipes and I'm sure there is something there you have not tried before. So go, be creative and try new things!

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