Monday, April 19, 2010

Very Productive

This was such a great weekend! The weather was awesome, I spent a ton of time outside with the puppies, and got a lot of fun stuff done!
It was my Aunt's birthday on Saturday so I made a card for her. I love it!
I went over to Stamping 411 to use their sketch! These are so much fun to do, it makes creating a great card super quick, cute and easy! I love how it turned out! The blue is really pretty together. I really need to get some new stamp sets though, I only have a few I can use for birthdays and I feel like they are getting worn out.
The thing I love most about this card is how it opens. I had 2 pieces of the dark blue and I really didn't want to cut a brand new piece so I decided I would clip them both together and it can slide open. I love it! I've never done one like this and it's super cute!
I purchased some awesome, very 'loud' fabric the other day to redo our kitchen chairs. The chairs are great, and perfect for our place. They were covered with a cream microfiber fabric. It's nice and neutral, matched really well but I wanted something a little more bold.
So after a trip to Home Depot to get a staple gun and a drill (so excited for the endless possibilities with both these purchases) we came home and I got to work. This took me about 45 minutes to complete. Ironing was the most time consuming part of this whole makeover. I am happy to introduce you to this wonderful new set of chairs! So what do you think?
I am totally in love with these now! Before when I would walk into the kitchen I didn't really notice the chairs unless they weren't pushed in property. Now I walk around the corner and I am a little surprised every time! It makes me so happy! And it was so much fun and easy! This makes me excited to tackle my big reupholstering project but that still wont be for a while.
Ahhhhhh so beautiful!!
I also snuck in a little baking this weekend! I just love to make yummy treats!
Danny bought me a mini muffin/cupcake pan a couple weeks ago and I've just been dying to try it out! We had a Funfetti cake mix in the pantry so I pulled it out and threw them together. Made some basic frosting and added a little blue food coloring. I think I liked them a little better without the frosting but either way these little cake poppers are so yummy! You could throw down quite a few very easily! And we sure did, they go really fast!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend yourself!
Stop by soon for more fun!


  1. Phew! You were a BUSY girl!! Okay, first...LOVE the way your card opens! Very clever!! Second, love love LOVE the covering on the seats!!!

  2. Card is adorable.....cupcakes look yummy (save me one) and the chairs are to die for cute! Love them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great job with the sketch challenge! What an awesome job covering those chairs! So Talented....

  4. Well, you've been VERY busy!!!! I love the way the card opens......and the blue is so serene.

    P.S. I LOVE the fabric on the chairs!!! It's totally going to transform the room!

  5. Cool card, love how it opens! Thanks for playing along this week.

  6. Busy busy lady!!! Love the card and that opening is awesome!!! Love the cupcakes, I need one right now and I love love love those chairs with your bold fabric!!! Great job taking on the redo yourself!!! Thanks for playing along with us too!!

  7. Love the idea of a swingin card=D those chairs are phenomenal!!!


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