Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Birthdays

Wow, this month is crazy with the amount of birthdays and other things going on! I still have like 4 or 5 cards I need to make. Here are some photos of the cute little birthday cards I've made for a couple of my cousins that have had birthdays so far this month.
This first one was for my cousin who is off at college. I hope she liked it!
I just love this little cake, it's so cute!
And this second card is one I did for my cousin that's in middle school.
I love the bright colors! I never get to do super bright cards and this one was a lot of fun.
On the inside I added this little saying with some dimensionals.
Amy really liked it, I'm so glad!
More to come soon, I have to make quite a few new ones this weekend!
Stay tuned....

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