Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wedding season!

Hello, Happy Wednesday!
It seems like I know a ton of people getting married this spring! I will have many more wedding cards to make in the next few months.
This past weekend Danny and I had the opportunity to go to a friend's wedding. I've known this girl sense sophomore year of High School and I was excited to see her get married! So I sat down Saturday afternoon and tried to come up with a card. After scanning blogs for inspiration I found this gorgeous card done by Patti Chesky.
It is so beautiful, I thought this is the perfect idea for a wedding card.
So the colors of our invitation were a dark pink and brown with cream, it was really cute. I wanted to stick with their wedding colors on the card, so I pulled out my paper and actually used a piece from the invitation envelope to complete the card.
Patti used these wonderful little pearls for her card and I loved the idea but I didn't have anything close to that so I just used this yellow ribbon that I had and I think it turned out very pretty, I am very pleased with it. The brown ribbon is actually the back side of ribbon that came on a package I received. The front has this really pretty gold pattern but it just didn't fit for the card so I flipped it, what is really nice is you can still see that pattern through the back but it's a darker brown and I think it really adds to the card.
This cream paper with the pretty brown floral pattern was actually the flap from the envelope of the invitation! It's so pretty, I really hope they like the card!
And of course I had to stamp the envelope. I love this Mr. and Mrs. stamp with the very elegant &! It makes me so happy! I hope they love the card just as much as I do.

Weddings are so much fun!

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