Friday, February 19, 2010

Sugar Cookies!

I love sugar cookies, they are so much fun to make and to decorate and to devour!
On Valentine's day I made Cinnamon Roll Cookies for my hubby! He loved em! They are basically a sugar cookie dough rolled out with butter rubbed on it, brown sugar and cinnamon sprinkled heavily on top. Rolled all up, cut then place on a cookie sheet and bake. Remove from the oven and drizzle with cream cheese frosting!

I'm told they are super yummy! I took a bunch to work and they all disappeared! It was wonderful!
Well, my sugar cookie recipe makes a lot of dough so what to do with all the rest???
It was Valentine's Day and I wanted to make heart shaped cookies. Too bad I don't have a heart cookie cutter, so sad. BUT I do have a maple leaf! Odd that I would have that and not a heart, I know! So I made Vancouver Olympics Cookies!

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