Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy SPRING!! with a Mother's Day gift idea.

I am sorry I missed posting last week, I have a good excuse though: I was out of town. It was only for a few days but I was pretty much checked out all week in vacation mode. Still am, if we are being honest. I just want to look out the window at the pretty sun and the very sweet just blooming flowers and daydream that it is summer and I'm driving around town in my jeep with the top down and the sun warming my shoulders with a warm breeze blowing across my face and my hair blowing backwards in the wind, looking gorgeous and on the way to the lake with Danny and our puppies. Of course if you have ever ridden in a jeep going faster then 20 mph you know your hair is never blowing in the right direction and if you know me at all you know my ideal speed would be much faster then 20 mph. But a girl can dream right?
Soon enough it's going to be 90 degrees and I'll have my hair in a pony, driving around, top down with sun kissed cheeks and big shades shielding my eyes from direct sunlight. AND. IT. WILL. BE. MAGICAL!

So in the spirit of warm weather and pretty things: I love SPRING!!! I'm so glad Spring has come to Idaho!
Today I am going to show you some spring photos! This is my mantle from a couple years ago. I got a bundle of tulips for Easter and they are so beautiful!
I should probably go pick up some fresh flowers for my dining table; pretty flowers always make me happy! (as long as there are no bugs, I can't handle bugs...)

Have you ever grown grass in a can? OH MY GOSH, SO PRETTY! And so easy!! I love to watch things grow, although I'm not that great at keeping plants alive, I love to see the little daily growth.

For Mother's Day a couple of years ago I decided to get some seeds and plant some wheat grass. I found these cute little cans at Target in the $1 section and they were perfect! I got some dirt and planted the seeds and I was so excited to get those first little sprouts coming out of the dirt and this grass is a fast grower too. My kind of plat; I get very impatient.
The only down side is it doesn't last super long and once you trim it it's done, at least I found this to be the case when I grew it. Maybe it's not always like that, I don't know, I only grew it once. But while it's growing it's so pretty and so cute! I found my seeds at a craft store but I'm guessing you can find them at your craft store or any nursery if you would like to grow your own wheat grass. Just looking at these pictures makes me happy, I think I may just plant some grass tonight!

I also saw this fun Tin Can Treat idea on that I wanted to give along with the grass that year for Mother's Day. Follow the easy toot from Sara to make your own! I used fruit cans, washed them out, found this darling paper at the craft store to cover my cans and I used lots of fun ribbon to tie on the tab.

They look so cute with just the paper on them. I also decided to create my own label and taped them to the front of the can. They are super cute and I love how they turned out! There are Peanut M&M's inside! One of my favorite treats!
I hope this inspires you to plant something, cut some flowers for your home or create a fun Mother's Day gift to give this year! Have a beautiful day!! Now I'm going to go out and enjoy this sunshine!!

I'd love to see what you are giving this year for Mother's Day! Let me know in the comments!
PS: I stopped by Ikea last week while I was in Utah, I can't wait to show you what I brought home!!

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