Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Cake Poppers

I decided I wanted to try jelly filled cake poppers. There was a little trial and error but I found the yummiest way to make these. I was a little worried that the jelly wouldn't taste very good so I added a little cool-whip to it. Well if you try to make these, the jelly is just fine. In fact, it's better without the cool-whip. All you need is a yummy frosting. Oh and with the white cake, they taste better after they have cooled, don't try them hot out of the oven, you will be disappointed.
Here is how they turned out!
Just a little white cake mix, baked in the mini-cupcake pan. Cooled then cored and filled with Raspberry jelly. Frosted with a little homemade vanilla frosting and finally sprinkled with pretty sugar sprinkles.
mmmmm mmmm mmm!

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